Avoidant Coyote
I am very shy unless it's to my friends and a few family, but other than that I don't even know how to communicate with the majority of the population. It's so bad though that once I had to read an essay about three years ago? That I literally freaked out and cried. I hate the feeling of people watching and judging me, and I always tend to stutter in front of a crowd. Does this sound like avpd? Or similar?

I have no idea, honestly. But it obviously effects your life enough to reach out to someone about it, so I recommend seeing a professional if you are able. I feel you about the essay reading, though. I get so anxious when I have to present stuff that I just plain forget to breathe and I have to stop every so often to take a shaky raspy breath so I don’t pass out. But uh yeah. See someone if you can. Be honest with them. 

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I was really feeling the urge to vent/let some stuff out when I saw your post, and I figured since you're asking? =/ I'm really not doing OK, my C-PTSD seems to be getting worse and worse day by day, everything just seems to be getting worse. It was my birthday on Weds. and I isolated myself so badly because just couldn't deal. Until this weekend I hadn't had any human contact other than my therapist for more than 2 months. My few friends stayed the night on Sat. and I just couldn't deal ct

with them being here. I was so anxious and so scared, especially because my birthday is a huge trigger and everything about it I just can’t deal with on so many levels. They gave me presents and I just froze and panicked and couldn’t breath, so scared I was gonna get it wrong. When I was little my mum would destroy any presents I had, tear them up in front of me or claim them for herself or sell them and I was so scared my friends were gonna take the presents they bought me back and
I just got so scared that I spent so much time just hiding locked in the bathroom or being soooooooo focused on my laptop so I couldn’t talk to them properly but at the same time anxiously hanging on to every word because so scared I was in trouble or I’d gotten something wrong and they hated me. Feeling so, so drained just from seeing a few close friends for just a few hours and feel like I don’t wanna see anyone again ever. Yet, I have therapy in a few hours and I dunno how I can go.=(
I feel bad for just having posted so much because I don’t strictly just have AvPD, or well, I do but it’s kinda co-morbid with so much other stuff that it’s hard to work out exactly what’s causing what. But a lot of this weekend (other than the C-PTSD, my birthday being an anniversary, day filled with bad memories and triggers and stuff) was a lot of AvPD stuff, just being so anxious around them and maybe some disorganised attachment thrown in too. Hope it’s OK I did post? x

Hello Anon!
It is definitely okay for you to send us this message. :) I’m glad you were able to write it down and tell us about this.
It sounds like a very rough situation, and I am so sorry you have to go through that. I’m glad you’re getting some help in therapy, do you find it’s been helpful so far? I think it’s great that you had the courage to talk to us about how you feel, it can be really hard to open up to others, even on the internet.
I can relate to some of what you said, my birthday is also a trigger for me and I have had times when I couldn’t deal with having anyone near me, not even my closest friends. I hope your friends understand that this was really hard for you, and I hope that they will keep supporting you through everything.
I’m sorry I don’t have much advice to give you, but I hope sharing this with us has helped a bit. I hope things will get better for you Anon, because you’re an amazing person and you deserve to be happy! I know it might not feel like it right now, and that’s okay, but I promise you things do get better.
Feel free to message us again if you need to vent, we’re here for you!
Take care of yourself <3
- Reki

To the person who sent the long 3 ask message, I see you and I will get to you tomorrow because I wanna copy and paste everything into one message when I answer you and I can’t do that on mobile without getting a headache lol.

pikachudrawer replied to your post:

I’ve been avoiding my relationships recently. It just feels so difficult to talk to people and I’d rather avoid talking all-together. School is going well. I have been getting my homework completed on time. I am dreading having a quiz tomorrow.

Ahh I know that feeling :/ It’s good school’s going well though! Ugh god same. On Tuesday I have a lecture exam in anatomy & physiology ;-;

Do you live in a place where Coyotes are native? I see them on the hill behind my house sometimes.

I don’t think so? I live in Florida so probably not. We have bobcats here though. And panthers. There’s actually a bobcat who likes to hang out in my ridiculously suburban neighborhood.

How are you doing, Coyote? :3

I don’t know how to answer this without being hella depressing lmao. I’m okay, basically. College is super stressful. Being a functional human being is super stressful and tiring. My HS is flaring up because it’s ridiculously hot and because I’m stressed and because it just decided it wanted to. And my HS flaring up is making my depression worse bc my mental health is very effected by the condition of my HS.

There’s ~a man~ in my life and he’s wonderful and sweet and I’m afraid I’m gonna fuck it up because I’m emotionally inept and don’t know how to function within a healthy relationship. Like we’re not even ~together~ technically and I’m already having anxiety about things with us. It’s ridiculous. At least he’s always kind and understanding about it when I freak out about stuff lol.

But yeah that’s what’s going on with me currently?? I’m a mess.

How are you all doing? You doing okay? How’s school going? How are your jobs? How’s life? How goes managing your AvPD? Well, I hope. I hope you’re all doing well. Tell me all about it, even if you’re not doing so well.

Thank you dearly for taking the time to help us all through your blog! Recently i came to the conclusion that i most probably suffer from AvPD, rather than any other disorder/syndrome (e.g. inferiority/guilt/social anxiety syndrome etc.) i thought of in the past 1-2 years that have brought me to my knees crying. Well, i am still crying like half the time, I am still too anxious to speak to a doctor and receive medication and support but at least i think the time is coming! Sincerely, thank you.

It’s my pleasure! I hope you can muster up the courage to seek the help you feel you need! Much love~

My friend is suffering from AvPD so I would like to ask for advice - how should I treat him? Any tips, instructions? What I should do & what I shouldn't do? It's really hard to understand if you don't have it so I would be grateful for some advice, thanks!

I appreciate that you’re willing to go the extra mile to help your friend and be sensitive to his needs, but my advice is that he’s your friend. Communication is important in any type of relationship. Open a dialogue with him and talk about it if you think he’d be open to it. If not, do some research about AvPD and how they deal with various relationships and situations. But remember that mental illnesses differ from person to person.